Google is planning BIG with its Mobile Friendly Algorithm!

Google-Mobile-UpdateDo you have a website? Is it mobile friendly yet? If no, then it is going to be a tough fight for your website on the face of the upcoming Google Algorithm that is about to be launched on April 21st, 2015. The date is declared by Zineb Ait Bahajji, a member of the Google Webmaster Trends team at the SMX Munich.

Google is planning “big” this time by making the websites go absolutely mobile friendly as 2015 is predicted to be the year of mobile friendly websites.

Smart webmasters have already transformed their websites into responsive ones to make it set with the screen size of any device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. The quality of the mobile websites is also incredible than the static ones.

The BIG News-

Google Panda and Google Penguin updates already stole away the peace of mind of the webmasters and administrators.

According to Zineb’s version of what she said in the SMX Munich, the forthcoming mobile-friendly ranking algorithm will have more impact on the Google search results than what Google Panda and Penguin did. Raising your eye-brows already? You should because something more is waiting for you in the box.

She continued that the algorithm will create a “significant impact” on the search results that will be done from mobile. But what the webmasters are worrying about is what Zineb said first that the new update is going to leave more impact in the search results than the previous versions.

In fact, question now arises as to what Zineb tried to clarify in the SMX Munich- was she trying the say that the impact of the search results will be same in both the desktop and mobile? Webmasters is also trying to crack her riddle by predicting that she was mentioning about the 40% impact on mobile search results.

From records, it is traced that Panda’s impact was around 12% and 4% for that of Penguin. Then, will the upcoming Google Algorithm on mobile search results will be an expected tsunami? We have to wait for that until April 21st 2015 when the Algorithm will be released and put to effect. We can simply assume but cannot tell you what exactly will be the aftermath.

But until then go responsive. Try your best to make the website flexible to fit the screen of the mobiles and tablets of any screen size. Plan for the most helpful and out of the box UX and UI by publishing unique content, video and images so that your website can fight the backlashes of the forthcoming Google algorithm. May luck be with you!